Sun Flyer developer joins GAMA Electric Propulsion & Innovation Committee

by Jan Wondra

A metro Denver-based aerospace firm has earned a prestigous appointment that continues to expand Colorado’s growing role in aviation innovation. Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation, the developer of the Sun Flyer solar-electric flight trainer, has joined the Electric Propulsion & Innovation Committee of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. Its interests and the interests of other innovative aeronautics engineering groups will be represented on the committee by its CEO George Bye.

GAMA is an international trade association devoted to fostering and advancing the general welfare, safety, interests and activities of general aviation. While the traditional focus of the organization has support more traditional aviation and aeronautics projects, the times are changing. GAMA recently created EPIC, a category of associate membership available to companies like AEAC that are engaged in the development and design of hybrid and electric aviation propulsion and vehicles in all sectors.

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