SBA receives A+ on the procurement scorecard

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced this week that the federal government met its small business federal contracting goal for the fifth consecutive year awarding 23.88 percent in federal contract dollars to small businesses totaling $105.7 billion, an increase of $5 billion. This marks the first time more than $100 billion in prime contracts has been awarded to small businesses. The federal government earned an “A” on this year’s government-wide scorecard.

“I am happy to report that for the fifth consecutive year, the federal government has not only met and exceeded its small business contracting goal, but it has awarded $105 billion to small businesses for the first time earning the government an A on SBA’s scorecard for this remarkable achievement,” said Linda McMahon, SBA administrator. “This grade reflects significant efforts by federal agencies toward meeting the 23 percent statutory goal to award prime contracts to small businesses. Every contract that gets in the hands of a small-business owner is a win-win for the business, creating jobs in their communities, and boosting the nation’s economy.”

The individual agency scorecards released by the SBA, as well as a detailed explanation of the scorecard methodology, is available online at

In fiscal year 2017, the federal government exceeded the service-disabled veteran-owned small business and small disadvantaged business goals. Prime contract dollars in all categories increased.

The federal government also exceeded its subcontract goals for awards to women-owned small business and small disadvantaged businesses and awarded $75 billion in subcontracts to all small businesses. The fiscal year 2017 prime and subcontracting awards to small businesses equate to nearly 1 million jobs created to support the nation’s economy. SBA receives A+ on the procurement scorecard

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