RTD draws favorable ratings in latest customer satisfaction survey


One third of all people responding to the Regional Transportation District (RTD)’s most recent customer satisfaction survey are riding the transit agency’s services more than they did a year ago. Eighty-five percent of them rate the transit agency favorably. Ninety-six percent are likely to choose RTD again in the future.

These are among the key takeaways of the survey, conducted in March by BBC Research & Consulting and presented this week to RTD’s Board of Directors. Using a sampling plan based on ridership volume, RTD distributed more than 12,000 surveys to riders across its revenue-generating services, including bus, light rail, commuter rail, SkyRide and FlexRide. More than 30 percent of those who received a survey completed it, which is a much higher response rate than typically seen with public surveys.

RTD regularly conducts large-scale surveys to assess satisfaction about the services and amenities it provides. BBC previously conducted customer satisfaction surveys for RTD in 2011, 2014 and 2017. While some questions that BBC and RTD included in this year’s survey were similar to those asked in prior years, others addressed particular areas of interest, including the degree to which RTD is attracting new customers.

The 2019 survey also notes a drop in perception of on-time performance and value received for fare paid, both important predictors for how respondents rate the overall quality of RTD services. RTD will continue to monitor these trends.

“While certain factors affecting on-time performance are beyond our control, such as traffic in our region, there may be changes to our approach that are feasible and worth exploring,” said RTD General Manager and CEO Dave Genova. “As RTD celebrates its 50th anniversary and looks toward the region’s mobility needs in the coming decades, insights like those captured in this research better inform our team’s decisions.”

The full report with all the findings is available on the RTD website.

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