Newmont Mining is leaving Greenwood Village for Belleview Station Amenities

Newmont Mining will occupy four top floors of this new 15-story office and retail building being built at 6900 E. Layton Street in Denver’s Belleview Station. Photo courtesy of Cushman and Wakefield


Leading gold producer Newmont Mining Corporation is in the process of a $10 billion acquisition of Canadian-based Goldcorp Inc. The combination will result in production of 6 to 7 million ounces of gold per year for several decades. It will also add six new mine sites in South America and Canada to Newmont’s current 12 mines in Colorado, Nevada, Peru, Surinam, Ghana and Australia.

In the meantime, Newmont is quietly continuing its plans to relocate its world headquarters from Palazzo Verdi in the Village Center neighborhood of Greenwood Village, 3 miles north to a new building at 6900 E. Layton Street in Denver’s Belleview Station neighborhood.

Omar Jabara, Newmont’s Group executive-corporate communications, said a top priority of the company is attracting and retaining the most talented employees available. Newmont moved its world headquarters to GV’s Palazzo Verdi in 2008 when the building opened. As its lease was coming up for renewal in 2020, Jabara explained that company executives engaged in a meticulous exhaustive process to determine its next steps.

In addition to traditional analyses of the types and sizes of spaces it will need in the coming years, Newmont held in-depth focus groups with its employees to find out what was most vital to them. After considering remodeling its current headquarters, Newmont concluded that location amenities that employees told them were extremely important were not available in GV’s Village Center neighborhood. Company executives concluded that Belleview Station offered numerous conveniences within walking distance that are important to attracting and retaining top employees. Retail shops, restaurants, personal service businesses and other amenities associated with modern-day mixed-use development are plentiful in the area.

There will also be a new large fitness center and private yoga rooms, a state-of-the-art facility for storing bikes including a repair station, and up to 15,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space inside 6900 Layton. Newmont’s 142,000 square feet, comprising floors seven through 10 of the building, will offer the flexibility to design private spaces and collaborative areas for employees to work.

Moving from a location that is 0.9 miles from the Arapahoe Station light-rail to a building just 200 feet from the Belleview light-rail station platform, Bill McGowan, Newmont’s executive vice president of human resources said recently, “We’re not going to lose 25 percent of our employees due to a commute change.”

The move comes as no surprise to at least some Greenwood Village officials. At a recent city council study session, GV’s Dave Bullock, said, “Most of us have run (for city council) on the fact that…we’re not going to be building big tall shiny buildings that are going to attract the companies that we would like to keep here. …Every CEO wants to have his office in the corner on the 12th floor overlooking the mountains and reign over his fiefdom…We’re going to eliminate ourselves from the market of attracting the corporate headquarters and the buildings that companies want to move to…We can’t start getting angst over the fact that companies leave our village if we don’t have buildings for them to move to.”

6900 Layton is a 2.32-acre site purchased for $7.26 million by Prime West Companies and Partners Group in 2018 who also developed One Belleview Station at 7001 E. Belleview Avenue, completed in 2017 with 318,000 square feet of Class AA office space. One Belleview Station is the home of Western Union, another Fortune 500 company whose name it carries, and is fully leased. The new building, 6900 Layton, will have 380,000 square feet of Class AA office space and will be LEED Gold certified, indicating overall environmental friendliness. The team that completed the development, building and leasing of the Western Union building is also working together at 6900 Layton. The Weitz Company is the general contractor and Cushman and Wakefield are the leasing agents.

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