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“This is an upgraded communications resource for an area that we’ve covered for 36 years,” said co-publisher Gerri Sweeney. “We have trusted journalistic credentials, we believe in good reporting and we know and understand this corridor and the many municipal entities we serve.”

While will have a familiar position near the middle of every weekly print issue, carrying timely news and information about business activities, product launches, corporate developments, much of its breaking news will be available digitally, updated as stories are finished.

One feature of version 1.0 that will continue in version 2.0 will be periodic in-depth reports focused on business categories vitally important to the Denver south corridor. The caveat; no single special section can hope to cover all the activity in many of these booming categories, meaning we will likely return to categories on a continuing basis.

Upcoming first will be an in-depth report on the rapidly expanding financial services sector, which was first covered in August 2015. Other in-depth reports to which will return include technology and innovation, health care, education and job training, aviation and aerospace, development and real estate.

The business section will look at the state of professional services, including engineering, architecture and construction, and explore developments in the transportation and infrastructure progress necessary to undergird our economic expansion. will also examine new trends in the business community including co-working environments, innovation spaces, the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and many other social and economic categories with the input of business leaders.

“It’s vital for businesses, educational institutions, governments, and nonprofits to have a responsible and reliable news media reporting on developments and trends,” said South Metro Denver chamber executive vice president Doug Tisdale, who is also chairman of the Regional Transportation District board. “ is answering a real need.”

Obviously, news media’s editorial content does not exist in a void; to provide solid journalistic coverage it requires corporate partners’ advertising support. The more businesses that recognize the professional, highly-educated, high-income individual and business audience this print and digital news medium delivers, the more news coverage can be provided.

The Villager’s commitment to covering corridor business news is profound and long-term,” said Gerri Sweeney. “Our news business has always been based right here in the corridor.”

Those interested in advertising in the upcoming digital and print in-depth report on financial services should contact 303-503-1388.

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