Fifth Annual Colorado Consular Corps Collaborative Celebration

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Roll call of nations! Colorado diplomats gather on the Lone Tree Fine Arts Stage.

On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Doug Tisdale EVP of South Metro Denver Chamber organized the Fifth Annual Colorado Consular Corp Collaborative Celebration honoring the Colorado Consular Corps, the state’s official organization for credentialed diplomats.

Over 150 diplomats and guests gathered at the Lone Tree Arts Center to socialize and build international partnerships to promote foreign investment and trade with Colorado companies.

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Platinum sponsor Larry Mizel is greeted by Dr. Bronwyn Bateman, Honorary Consul emeritus of Nicaragua and famed ophthalmologist. Honorary Consul of Poland Tomasz Skotniki in the background.

Platinum Sponsor Larry Mizel, CEO of MDC Holdings/
Richmond American Homes, welcomed diplomats and guests and encouraged Colorado to continue growing international business linkages.  Other sponsors included Alpine Bank, Colorado Business Roundtable, the Consulate of Canada, DenverSouth EDP and special partner, City of Lone Tree.

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Incoming Dean, Stephane Lessard, outgoing Dean, and Honorary Consul of Russia, Dr. Deb Palmieri and event organizer Doug Tisdale.

Denver’s diplomatic community was out in force to support the event including Canada, Mexico, Spain, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Peru, Guatemala, Morocco, Mongolia, Nicaragua and many more.  There are over 40 countries represented in Colorado, with seven full time career consulates and 33 honorary diplomats.  Their duties encompass everything from issuing visas and passports and other consular duties, helping foreign nationals in need, promoting cooperation and economic development and handling special bilateral issues.

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Incoming Dean of the Colorado Consular Corps Consul General of Canada Stephane Lessard.

VIP’s in attendance included Jackie Millet, Mayor of Lone Tree; Lone Tree City Council member Wynne Shaw; Douglas County Commissioner Abe Laydon; Charlie Kercheval SMDC Director and EDG Chair; Arapaho County Commissioner Bill Holen; Stephanie Piko, Mayor of Centennial and Council Members Kathy Turley and Mike Sutherland, and many more dignitaries and elected officials. A large number of South Denver companies were also in attendance.

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Deputy Consul General Of Japan, Kiyoshi Mihara, newly arrived in Denver.

Incoming Dean of the Colorado Consular Corps, Stephane Lessard, Consul General of Canada, addressed the crowd, thanking Doug Tisdale, the sponsors and organizers and underscoring the importance of international collaboration in Colorado to further mutually beneficial trade and investment, and expressing how much the evening was appreciated and valued by the diplomats.  Deputy Consul General of Japan Kiyoshi Mihara thanked the group on behalf of Japan, a country who ranks with Canada, Mexico as a top trading partner with Colorado.

Master of Ceremony Tisdale ended with the Roll Call of Nations, bringing up each diplomat to the stage.

A fun and productive evening was enjoyed by all.

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Incoming Dean, and Consul General of Canada, Stephane Lessard, consul general Mexico Berenice Rendon, platinum sponsor Larry Mizel, honorary Consul of Russia Dr. Deb Palmieri, conference organizer Doug Tisdale and Honorary Consul of Sweden and vice dean of Colorado Consular Corps, Donald Peterson.
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Organizer Doug Tisdale, Father Boris Henderson, archpriest of Denver’s only Russian orthodox church and honorary Consul of Poland Tomasz Skotniki in deep conversation.
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