Alpine Bank steps up for unpaid government employees

Alpine Bank has earned its reputation as a community bank. As they did in previous government shutdowns in 2013 and 1995-1996, Alpine is offering loans of up to one month’s net salary to Colorado-based federal government employees who have been furloughed. Money borrowed under this program will not be due, nor will any interest accrue, until six months after the shutdown ends.

To qualify for this program, applicants must be current government employees who are not getting paid as a result of the federal government shutdown. They must have an official document, such as a current pay stub that shows their net monthly salary, and a federal and Colorado ID. Government employees who are not already Alpine customers need to open a checking account at Alpine Bank to utilize this program.

Alpine is an employee-owned Colorado institution with 39 locations around the state. Its front range locations are in the Denver Tech Center at Belleview Station, Cherry Creek and Union Station. Their next front range location, scheduled to open this year, will be in Boulder.

Describing this program, Bob Young, Alpine Bank’s founder and chairman, said, “In our 46 years of serving our customers, we have confirmed that the success of our bank is a reflection of the strength of the communities we serve. When our neighbors need our assistance, we will be there to help. This is the third time in the past 25 years that we have implemented this type of support to our valued federal employees. As always, we are honored to help.”

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