Alberta Development displays plans for Marilyn Hickey building

This is an artist’s rendering looking down from above on the planned revamped former Marilyn Hickey building. Rendering prepared by Alberta Development Partners, LLC
BY FREDA MIKLIN GOVERNMENTAL REPORTER On September 12, Alberta Development Partners, LLC held a neighborhood input meeting at Greenwood Village City Hall, as required by city rules prior to officially submitting its plans for the former Marilyn Hickey Ministries building at 8081 E. Orchard Road, just west of I-25. Dustin Anderson and Scott Hall, representing Alberta, displayed conceptual drawings of how Alberta plans to remodel the existing 260,000-square-foot interior of the building. Anderson said they expect to create 200,000 square feet of office space on the east side of the building and 60,000 square feet for a food hall on the west. In Anderson’s letter to neighbors that was posted on the city’s website prior to the meeting, it says “The objective is to create an original workplace environment to attract and inspire world class employees and a market food hall for surrounding employees and Greenwood Village residents with chef-driven options. A place for eating, socializing and learning. A coffee roastery, morning Storytime with the kids and cooking classes in a stylish and comfortable environment.” It goes on, “The adaptive re-use design seeks to celebrate the conditions in the building that make it unique. The existing large skylight is enhanced through a new north-south entry cut that reveals the skylight geometry. A fresh materials palette will reference the beautiful natural Colorado landscapes. The sky cut also serves to separate the market/food hall from the office space. A portion of the parking structure is selectively demolished to allow for light and a pocket park. The west and south facing market hall and the south facing office entry facades have more glass to reflect openness to the outside. The pavilion additions to the roof level reference the local landscapes.”
This rendering is of the west side of the planned remodeled building, looking at it from the east. Rendering prepared by Alberta Development Partners, LLC
Chris Fasching, principal of Felsburg, Holt, & Ullevig (FHU), was at the neighborhood input meeting to explain a display that showed the results of the traffic study his firm undertook for the project. FHU is a highly-experienced local transportation planning and traffic engineering firm that produced the City of Greenwood Village 1998 Transportation Plan and its 2011 South Greenwood Village I-25 Corridor Traffic Analysis. Fasching led the FHU team that created the I-25/Belleview Interchange System Study done under the auspices of Arapahoe County. Greenwood Village was a funding partner on that study.
This map of the Greenwood Plaza Boulevard loop south of Orchard Road has an arrow pointing to the intersection where traffic is expected to be most impacted by the planned redevelopment.
Fasching told us that the current plan for this redevelopment is expected to produce 5,400 total additional vehicle trips per day compared to current conditions. The south corner of the Greenwood Plaza Boulevard loop around the Triad office complex is expected to be most impacted by the additional traffic. Very preliminary discussions have occurred about the possibility of creating a roundabout at that intersection. No decisions have been made as to whether one will be built and if so, who would bear the cost.
This is an artist’s north-looking rendering of the plan for the south side of a redeveloped 8081 E. Orchard Road. Rendering prepared by Alberta Development Partners, LLC
In response to our questions, Alberta representatives said there were no current tenants presently identified for the office space or the food hall. They plan to submit a side development plan to the city shortly and hope to commence construction, which they expect to take 18 months, as soon as they receive the necessary approvals. Alberta 8081 East Orchard LLC bought the property on February 17, 2017 for $14,813,876 from Marilyn Hickey Ministries. According to the Arapahoe County Treasurer’s office, as of September 16, there are $1,050,049 in past due property taxes and interest on the 10.248-acre combined parcel, which will go to tax sale in November if unpaid. We asked Anderson about the past due taxes. He said, “No comment.”
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